And so it begins, again


It has been a long time since I last updated this blog, very long indeed. But I am staring again. Not a good start, given that this is at least a week late. I had planned to start again when I start this 8 month journey of self discovery, hopefully. I had hoped this will be time I will change, be better, be more productive, more skilled, more focused, more worthy. But I already see myself slipping, falling into old habits, wasting away.

But I suppose this is a start, and there is still time. And so I begin, again.

Sultan Mosque Singapore

A wedding in Sultan Mosque in Singapore, the oldest mosque in Singapore I think. Or at least the most touristy. This was processed into HDR with 3 shots. Then edited in photoshop, lightroom and colour fx pro.

Sultan Mosque

This is actually a single shot. I did take 5 different exposures intending to do a HDR, but the clouds came out a bit wonkey. So i just processed a single image. 
Sultan Mosque

Return to the Pinnacles

A return to the pinnacles, with some new gear.
5 shot HDR, processed into a concentrate in DXO optics, Lightroom, Photoshop, then back to DXO optics, then back to Lightroom, Colour FX pro, then back in Lightroom. But in the end I still don’t have much idea how I got here.

Return to the Pinnacles

The new tripod was too short to get a good short over the railing. I decided not to crop it, because somehow it give u the sense of the place. And not to mention the full 11mm view of my new lens.



Old photos, New Touch: Part 1

To be perfectly honest, its only recently that I have actually started to appreciatory the full potential of digital photography. So all my previous photos were taking in a dense fog of ignorance. So I have decided to revisit some of then (or at least the ones that I had the presence of mind to shoot in RAW format)  with the relative clarity that I have acquired.

This is the view from the top of Pinnacle@Duxton:


“All Dogs Go to Heaven”, Art piece in Singapore Art Museum:


More art pieces:


Cycling under the clouds

Cycling session from Khatib to Pasir Ris, along Singapore’s north east coast. As usually, way too cloudy, no sign of the sun, but got some dramatic cloud action:
Cloudy Clouds



Also caught some interesting sights along the way.



And finally, you can hardly believe that this is in Singapore. The waterfront mansion of the next 007 villain, Mr Clearwater:

Mr Clearwater's Waterfront mansion

It was a pretty interesting cycling trip, got totally drenched under the rain, and then dried up again. Firdaus managed to create a new design for his bag (those are actually tire splashes).


Some faded out shots of Fir’s designer bag, and my two fellow comrades in arms.




Rainy Walk in Kent Ridge

The rain kind of dampened the mood, but I suppose I did get some reasonable shots that day. I am starting to lust after the D7000. But it doesn’t have the tilty flippy screen. Its a wonder how post processing can turn around a dull image.